The Graphic Language of Creative Minority 301lab

Visual Powerstation

301LAB is the media strategy group which established based on the notion of Visual Powerstation, elaborated, and advanced. Visual Powerstation is the first-generation digital design studio which made a big name by launching the design experiment project in 1999 with JUNG, Kwongoo the graphic designer as a leading role and being introduced to popular design communities such as k10k, Scene360, Netdiver, Macromedia Gallery, and WebDesignIndex. Additionally, the innovative design team proposed a media paradigm for the new century by conducting the era-leading design projects like design co-op and visual art webzines such as Creative Minority. In 2009, based on ten years of various experiments, to response flexibly to rapidly changing media environment, and to contribute to adding more to the enterprise’s value, the team re-established itself and transformed into 301Lab.


301LAB is the digital-based agency and the total media group which collaborates on and produces creative designs ranging from online to offline such as branding, visual design, architecture, and environment. Through the business territory which crosses over digital media, graphic design, and architecture, we understand the business of our clients with a broad vision, and we propose a more valuable creative design based on our view. Additionally, we promise the thoughtful and compelling outcome that fulfills the needs and value of the clients. The level of cooperation between the design and marketing groups is crucial in achieving the objective of the business. Therefore, the outcome varies depending on the capacity of the agency and efforts put into the cooperation. For the past 20 years, we have walked the road of success with many different businesses by providing thoroughly combined solutions that fit the needs of various and particular clients. If you access the 301LAB, the Creative Minority, you can experience the partnership that goes with you from the beginning to the end with sustainable answers.

Our Services

301Lab considers the creative insight as to the basis of the design process and develops the customized result which fulfills the business demand. Based on the optimized code which prioritizes stability, expandability, and performance, we guarantee the dignity of the website.
We develop the brand which intrigues the curiosity, has a distinct presence, and improves loyalty. Under the principle of modern design, we invest a lot to the detail to provide a compelling and complete outcome.
We provide post-care for the overall operation after the production. We measure essential indexes by establishing the framework for overall media contents such as composing the materials, video, social marketing, promotion, and the SEO, and we guarantee the optimal coverage.



JUNG, Kwongoo is the founder of the Visual Powerstation and the co-representative of 301Lab. Starting from the production / operation of the presidential office website for President KIM, Daejung, he is working as a media consultant and graphic artist for 20 years. Since 2004, he contributed to the expansion of the communication service by partnering with Daum (Currently Kakao) and Naver. In 2009, based on various experiments he conducted for the past ten years, he established a new team to start 301Lab together, aiming to contribute to adding more to the value of businesses with more leading design and brand strategy and to coping with the rapidly changing media environment flexibly. A project is one long journey which you have to see through details and see farther at the same time to make sure you reach the right place. Jung Kwongoo, the representative and General Director of 301Lab, leads the business with his unique insight built through thorough experience on media sectors such as UX / UI, brand consulting, strategy establishment, CI / BI / Graphics Design. His interest also lies in the collaboration of visual art and architecture, and he dreams a fair society in which people can live using common sense. He believes that sound design and development eco-system is the basis of the growth of the design industry.